Why A Male Escort Is Better Than Online Dating

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Why A Male Escort Is Better Than Online Dating

The Easiest Way to Secure a Hot Date in London


If youre looking for a hunky London lad, then turn to an escort agency instead of struggling with an online dating site.


If youre a single gay guy in the capital, chances are youve resorted to online dating. After all, its the easiest way of finding like-minded guys for casual hook-ups, right? Right? Wrong! Many men are turning away from apps like Tinder and getting in touch with agencies like Absolute Male Massage. Its with them that youll be able to experience the best gay male massage in London. Now, doesnt that sound better than the stress of trying to arrange a date online? Heres what you can expect from your appointment.


No crossed wires

When you book a male escort, youll be on the same page right from the start. When you try to meet a guy through an online dating site or app, it can be a little difficult to cut straight to the chase and find out what he wants from your time together. With an escort, you call the shots. So youll know exactly what to expect.

Genuine photos

One of the perils of online dating is that guys can be a little bit…flexible with the truth. So often youll find that theyre using old photos of themselves, or pictures that arent even of them! This will obviously lead to a lot of disappointment on your part. When you hire a hunky male escort, you can be sure that the photos you see on the website are genuine, and hell be just as handsome in the flesh.

Easy to arrange

You can hire an escort at a time and place that suits you. As you probably know, arranging a date with a guy online can be difficult, especially if you both have busy schedules. Well, when you hire an escort youll be able to trust that theyll fit in around your schedule, not the other way around. So youll be able to slot some dates in around your work and social life with ease.

Safety first

When you hire a male escort, youre actually putting your own safety first. The best male escorts in London have trained to the highest possible standard, and never indulge in risky behaviour with their clients. So you can enjoy an intimate evening safe in the knowledge that your own well-being wont be affected. Thats more than can be said for enjoying a fling with a guy you met online!

Discreet and professional

Last but not least, you can trust your male escort to be a true professional at all times. They will arrive at your home or hotel discreetly and wont do anything to rouse the suspicion of your neighbours or fellow guests. There will be no kissing and telling either, as both your escort and the agency will keep the details of your date under wraps, as well as protecting your personal information.

Book your gorgeous male escort tonight!

So, will you indulge in a night with a sexy male escort in the capital? Its so easy to become disenchanted with online dating and hiring a handsome companion from an escort agency is a really great alternative. What are you waiting for then? Whatever the occasion, youll have a fantastic night in the company of a talented male London masseuse.

From Russia With Love Russian Escorts Come To London

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Russian escorts at Belle AffaireYour Night With a La Belle Affaire Babe

If you want to hook up with a gorgeous Russian woman at a time and place that suits you, then hire an escort!

Its no secret that Russian women are some of the sexiest people on the planet. If youre looking for your own Russian beauty to spend the night with, then youre in luck as many ladies from this part of the world work in London as high class escorts. Of course, youll be looking for the best Russian Escorts in London. You can find them at La Belle Affaire, an agency that specialises in sensual Russian escort experiences. Heres why men from all over the capital cant get enough of their beautiful Russian babes.

Drop-dead gorgeous

Russian women are famed the world over for their beauty. So when you book an escort through La Belle Affaire, you can be sure that shell look like shes stepped straight of the catwalk. This elite London agency only sign the most beautiful Russian escorts in the industry, and place a big emphasis on variety too. So whether youre looking for a curvy brunette or a willowy blonde, youll find her in no time at all.

Unrivalled sensuality

Russian women are incredibly seductive, and they are known to be extremely adventurous in the bedroom. When you hire a high class Russian escort you can expect a truly explosive night. Confident in exploring their sexuality, these ladies will try anything. Thanks to their years of experience, they will know exactly which of your buttons to press. Youll have never known satisfaction like it!

Suited to all kinds of guys

Russian escorts are suited to British and Russian men alike. For native Londoners, theyre a breath of fresh air. With their gorgeous accents, unbelievable good looks and personalities that are very different to English girls, its no wonder theyre so popular. For Russian men, theyre a reminder of home. Being able to chat in their native language will allow them to feel much more comfortable in an escort’s company and that will lead to fireworks later on.

Discreet and professional

If youre looking for a discreet agency, then you cant do much better than La Belle Affaire. Theyve built a reputation as one of the most trusted agencies in the capital, and men from the most elite levels of London society regularly use them. Both the booking team and your escort will act with the utmost respect for your reputation, and you can be sure that no one will find out about your encounter in the capital.

Ideal for any occasion

Russian escorts in London are perfect for any occasion. They love to party at the best clubs in town, and will happily dance the night away with you at the club of your choice. Thanks to their professionalism and intelligence, they are also the perfect plus-ones for business events in the capital. Of course, sometimes you just cant beat a night in in which case shell come to visit you at your home or hotel.

Its impossible to resist a Russian escort

Next time youre at a loose end in the capital, why not hire an elite Russian escort to keep you company? Once youve shared your first evening with one, youll wonder why you didnt do it sooner! So go on pick up the phone and treat yourself to a night to remember! These girls are very popular, so make sure that you dont delay!

The Best Way To Meet West End Girls

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elite west end girlsWhy You Should Hire an Escort

If youre at a loose end in the West End, then hire an escort for an evening of fun!

The West End is one of the best places for a night out in the UK, if not the world. You can take your pick from some of the most incredible bars, clubs, restaurants and hotels. However, a London night out is nowhere near as fun without a gorgeous girl on your arm. Rather than go it alone, do as the London lads in the know do and call a local escort agency! Dolls and Roses are the leading provider of high class escorts in Mayfair, and theyve fast become the most popular place for men to meet gorgeous West End girls.

Always book with an agency

If you want to be sure that youll get the best possible service, be sure to book with an agency. There are a lot of independent escorts working in the West End, and many of them promise the world for a low, low price. Unfortunately, theyre not as high class as theyd have you believe. If you book with Dolls and Roses, theres no risk of you being disappointed. They only recruit the best girls in the business, and they hold them to very high standards.

An international line-up

Youll find girls from all over the world working at top escort agencies like Dolls and Roses. So whatever kind of woman you are looking for, youll be able to find her in no time at all. Whether you long for a curvy English Rose or a petite exotic beauty, youll be spoilt for choice. The huge variety on offer at Dolls and Roses also makes it the ideal option for men visiting London. Youll be able to find an escort from your part of the world, and then you can share an evening with someone who is truly going to understand you.

Your evening in London

So what will you and your escort get up to during your West End night out? Why not get the night out started at a great restaurant the capital is certainly full of them! After that, you could head to one of the best bars and clubs in London. How late you stay out until is up to you, but high class West End escorts do love to party! When youre ready for bed, check into a five star hotel to bring your evening to a sensual close.

Discretion guaranteed

When you hire a premium West End escort, you can be sure that shell be a true professional. They understand that a gentleman wants to keep the details of his love life private. So they will arrive for your date discreetly, will act impeccably when youre in public together, will dress appropriately, and will never kiss and tell. The result? Only you will ever know that you hired an escort!

Book now to avoid disappointment

So, if you are looking for a West End beauty to spend the evening with, you know what to do next! Hiring an escort is safe and convenient, and is the preferred option for so many men in the capital. Why not treat yourself then? You deserve nothing less than the best escort in town. Once youve picked up the phone, a totally unforgettable evening awaits!

The Cheapest Classy Escorts in Town

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classy escorts in LondonA Great Night Doesnt Need to Cost The Earth

If youre thinking of hiring an escort, hold up before you pay over the odds.

In the mood for some cheeky fun in the capital? Then why not hire an escort? We know what youre thinking. Escorts are only for guys with loads of money, right? Wrong! While there are some agencies that still try to get away with charging sky-high rates, the most popular and forward-thinking agencies offer great value for money. So whatever your budget, you can enjoy an evening with one of the most desirable women in the capital. Where then, can you find the classiest, cheapest escorts in London? If you get in touch with V London Escorts you can look forward to a night that wont break the bank.

As good as their rivals

When youre booking an escort, its important to remember that classy doesnt have to mean expensive. Cheap escorts in London are just as gorgeous as their more expensive rivals, and you can take them anywhere with complete confidence. Theyre used to mixing in the highest circles, and are used to attending events in the most exclusive London locations. Dressed stylishly and blessed with intelligence and quick wit, these ladies really do have it all and at a bargain price too!

An agency who care

When youre looking for a cheap London escort, its important to find an agency who put their clients first. A lot of unscrupulous agencies in the capital put their profits before their clients and its those ones that you should avoid at all costs. V London Escorts are passionate about creating the best possible experience for their clients while being determined that that experience should be accessible to men on all kinds of budgets.

A groundbreaking service

The best cheap London escort agencies are aware that price isnt the only thing that keeps clients coming back. They know that they need to provide an experience that is every bit as good, if not better, than their more expensive rivals. So theyre constantly pushing boundaries and looking for ways to make your dates with their girls even more pleasurable. Agencies like V London Escorts never rest on their laurels.

Discretion is valued

When you book a cheap London escort, you may have some worries about their decorum and discretion. Well, thats not something you should ever have to pay more for and agency who tells you that does not have your best interests at heart. The girls at V London Escorts are consummate professionals, and will never embarrass you or jeopardise your safety and privacy. Everything you share with her will remain confidential, and shell never reveal the true nature of your date to anyone.

Why not treat yourself?

For so long men in the capital have thought that expensive escorts were their lonely option if they wanted to have a great experience. Thankfully, that misconception is being proven wrong time and time again by agencies like V London Escorts. Their ever growing client base is proof that you dont always get what you pay for sometimes you get much, much more! So why not treat yourself to an unforgettable evening with a gorgeous escort? Knowing that it wont break the bank will make it even more pleasurable!

Gatwick Escorts Will Keep You Company

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Gatwick airport escorts are comingA Must For Any Travelling Gentleman

If youre going to be spending time at Gatwick, then why not hire a local escort to keep you company?

For many people, a trip to the airport is something that they dread. Youve got the queues at the check-in desk, the worry that youll exceed the baggage allowance, the stress of going through security its endless! There is a way that you can lessen the ordeal though. In fact, you could end up having lots of fun at Gatwick instead! A lot of guys in the know hire Gatwick Escorts to keep them company before their flights and during layovers. With their gorgeous good looks and skills of seduction, these ladies are the perfect people to help you relax and unwind.

Ease your pre-flight nerves

Gatwick escortThat wait before your flight takes off can be equal parts boring, stressful and nerve-wracking. So why not take your mind off the flight ahead and treat yourself to a night with an escort before you fly? You can book into one of the many Gatwick hotels and just spend a few hours relaxing. Its a welcome alternative to rushing about in a blind panic two hours before youre due to take off. Your escort will wow you with her skills of seduction and will leave you feeling totally satisfied.

No time? No problem!

Sometimes theres only enough time for a quick appointment but thats okay too! You can hire an escort from Fantasy London Girls for as little as thirty minutes at a time. Thats enough time for a quick bite to eat and a couple of drinks, or a very steamy half an hour in your hotel room. Fantasy London Girls are an agency who aim to make every appointment special, and focus on quality time when quantity of time is in short supply. So, start thinking of all the things you could get up to in under an hour!

Spicing up your stopover

No one looks forward to layovers. Youve got a few hours to kill before you need to get back on the plane again and you cant even leave the airport. Its enough to put a guy off flying for life. If you hire an escort though, you can spend those hours in the arms of a gorgeous woman. Shell ease the tension from your muscles after your first flight, and shell leave you feeling relaxed and satisfied before your second. How she does that is totally up to you!

A global selection

Youll find girls from all over the world working as escorts at Fantasy London Girls. So if youre a traveller heading home after a holiday in the UK, why not see if theres a lady from your corner of the world to spend a few hours with? Youll be able to chat in your native language and share a deeper, more intimate bond during your time together.

Its almost time for take off!

If youre going to be at a loose end in Gatwick, then you know what to do next. The best escorts in Gatwick are always in high demand, so its a good idea to book ahead to be sure that youll get the escort of your choice at a time that suits you. Once youve spent a night with a Gatwick escort, youll wonder why you never did it sooner!

Fancy A Threesome? Just Hire 2 Escorts!

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nicole and aishaBringing Your Fantasy To Life

If you want an experience like no other, then double up on your escorts for triple the fun!

If youre a guy, chances are youve dreamt of having a threesome. Finding a willing partner can be hard though, with factors like jealousy and nerves often coming into play. So rather than waiting for another woman to come along, why not take matters into your own hands? Hiring a couple of escorts to spend the evening with is one of the easiest and safest ways of making your dreams of a threesome a reality. So where can you find the best? Many of the gorgeous London escorts at Babes of London, a premier London agency, are available for three-ways.

Sharing your fantasy with the right girl

A threesome is one of the ultimate male fantasies, and its not hard to see why. Having not one but two gorgeous girls putting on a show for you and tending to your every need is an incredibly tantalising thought. The only problem can be finding open minded girls. Well, if you hire an escort youll cut out a lot of searching. Youll be able to find the hottest, most adventurous girls who love to hook up with each other as well as their clients in just a few clicks.

Unrivalled beauty

If youve hired an escort before, then youll know that you can find the most gorgeous girls in London working in the industry. So choosing between two girls can be tricky to say the least! If you cant decide between two escorts the next time that you book, why not enquire to see if those girls are available for a threesome? Then youll be able to enjoy your evening not worrying if you made the right decision!

Youre their number one priority

When you hire an escort youre guaranteed an evening that is all about you, and your needs are put first at all times. Well, when you hire an escort all that care and attention is multiplied by two! So your night in will be even more explosive. While one girl caresses one part of your body, the other will be lavishing another with kisses and thats before they turn their attentions to each other as you watch! A threesome appointment is one that is going to please you like never before.

Discretion guaranteed

When you embark on a threesome with your escorts, youre going to need them to be discreet. After all, you dont want any details of your hot night together getting out there and damaging your reputation. The best escorts in London really value your need for privacy, and wont even put you in a compromising position. Arriving for your threesome discreetly and then keeping all of the details of your time together to themselves, these ladies are the perfect girls to share your bed with.

Why not treat yourself?

So, if youve been longing for a threesome and have either been rebuffed by a partner or too timid to ask, your time has come! Babes of London provide the hottest, most open-minded bisexual escorts in London, and theyll be able to make your wildest fantasies come true. You know what they say three is the magic number!

No More Boring Business Trips To Barcelona

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barcelonaBook An Escort To Spice Up Your Trip

By hiring an escort to keep you company, you can turn your business trip into the holiday of a lifetime.

If youre jetting off on a business trip to Barcelona, then why not liven it up a little? While your days may be filled with meetings and conferences, your evenings can be spent in the arms of a gorgeous woman. By booking a gorgeous Barcelona escort for a sensual encounter during your stay, you can turn an otherwise boring business trip into a time that youll look back on with great memories.

The best escort in town

Eva Rodriguez is one of the most in-demand escorts in Barcelona, and its not hard to see why. Beautiful, educated and adventurous, shes suited to all kinds of dates in the Catalan capital. Perhaps youll whisk her away for a romantic dinner at one of Barcelonas many acclaimed restaurants. Or maybe youll enjoy a few drinks with her in a buzzing bar before taking her back to your hotel room to party in a more private setting? Whatever you have planned, shell be more than happy to keep you company.

Professional at all times

As a gentleman travelling on business, youll want to protect your reputation as much as possible. Well when you book a date with Eva, you can be sure that you wont run into any unpleasant surprises. Elegantly dressed and impeccably behaved, shell arrive for your date with the utmost discretion. She values her clients privacy, and never tells anyone what goes on during her dates. So whatever saucy secrets you have, theyll be safe with this seorita.

Book now to avoid disappointment

Once youve spent a night in Evas company, youll see why she is the Barcelona escort of choice for visiting businessman. One thing is for sure once youve spent one evening with her youll want to repeat the experience. Perhaps youll return for a trip thats not centred around business? After all, lifes no fun if its all work and no play!

Why Ace London Have The Best Escorts

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Ace London EscortYoull Never Book With Another Agency Again

Ace London Escorts are famed for their gorgeous, open minded girls who are incredibly talented in the bedroom.

It can be hard to find sexy, discreet escorts in the capital, and when you do, the rates are often extortionate. If you’re at your wits end, then its time that you were let in on Londons best kept secret. DD London Escorts have been making a big impression on the single guys in the capital in recent years, and theyre now a firm favourite. So why do they have the most in demand escorts in London on their books?

A girl for every guy

Ace London Escorts really think of their clients when theyre hiring escorts. So youll find so many different kinds of beauties there, from petite British babes to sultry exotic stunners. They recognise that theres no such thing as a one escort fits all date, and try to cater to as many men as possible. So their escorts are in a different league to their competitors, proud to embrace their individual beauty rather than blending into the crowd. When you walk into a room with an Ace escort on your arm, all eyes will be on her.

Skilled seductresses

Ace take the time to fully train their escorts in the art of seduction too. These ladies are so open-minded and flirty, and will go out of their way to satisfy their clients. Whether theyre unleashing their inner dominatrix, helping their client to unwind with a sensual massage or acting out a sexy fantasy, their focus is on your pleasure and that alone.

Cheap London escort rates

Ace London Escorts also offer incredibly low rates for their girls, which means that you can meet up with a sexy seductress for half of what it would cost you elsewhere. That low price doesnt mean a low quality of service though, oh no. Once you have sampled the delights of an Ace escort, you wont want to book your models anywhere else.


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The Appeal Of An Older Woman

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mature women in KentWhat Makes a Mature Lady So Attractive?

Older women have a very particular kind of sex appeal, and it’s one that men find completely irresistible.

If you asked a few men what their ultimate fantasy was, chances are lots of them would say spending a night with an older woman. The mature woman is something that men can’t get enough of, and there are countless films and books dedicated to older, alluring women who cast a spell on younger men. So what is it about an older woman that gets a man’s pulse racing? Is it her looks? Her experience in the bedroom? Her confidence? Well, lets find out! Here’s everything you need to know about what makes an older woman such an incredible person to date.


The first thing that you’ll notice about a mature woman is her confidence. She’s left behind the insecurities of her 20’s, and now she’s not afraid to ask for what she wants. For a man who loves a woman who takes the lead, it’s nothing short of intoxicating. She’s not worried about having your undivided attention, and doesn’t need constant reassurance. Why would she? After all, she’s been there and done all that, and now she’s just enjoying everything life has to offer.

Good looks

It’s no secret that older women are looking better than ever. Sex symbols like Monica Bellucci, Jennifer Lopez and Sofia Vergara are all in their 40’s and 50’s, but they put many women who are twenty years younger to shame. Why? Well, it’s that confidence again! Older women know what looks good on them, and aren’t afraid to flaunt their figures and make themselves look incredibly glamorous. They’re not slaves to fashion either, and stick to a timeless style. You’ll feel like the luckiest man in the world with a hot older woman on your arm, that’s for sure.


It goes without saying that older women are experienced. This really excites younger men, who really want to know how to please a woman – and those lessons are always fun with the right kind of teacher, aren’t they? Equally, they know exactly what a man wants, thanks to their years of dating and relationships. To share a night of passion with a seductress who can show you an entirely new meaning of the word pleasure is most men’s idea of heaven.

Finding your own mature beauty

So, where can you bag a sexy older woman of your own? Well, Mature Escorts in Kent are one of the leading escort agencies for those looking for older women. If you want to date a mature woman on your terms, then hiring an escort is a great option. You can choose from a huge selection of hot women, and then arrange a date at a time and place that works for you. What’s not to like about that?

Some things just get better with age

As you can see, there are many facets to an older woman’s sex appeal. From her fashion sense to that enigmatic aura, she’s just totally irresistible. So why not treat yourself to a date with one? By hiring a hot, mature escort, you could be enjoying an evening with the woman of your dreams in just a few hours. Go on – make that long held fantasy of yours a reality!

Escorts: What to Expect and Tips for Your First Time

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hiring an escort

When it is your first time hiring and going to see an escort, I imagine you feel pretty anxious, and unsure or what to expect.


Especially so if you are have a pretty shy nature!


Hiring an escort


Remember, Wildcats Escorts are only human after all, and professional ones will put you at ease within minutes. Remember there is no pressure from either of you, this is meant to be (and indeed will be!) fun.

Of course every escort, and indeed every escort agency are different. Whether you have booked an in house call or meeting at a hotel, just relax. In fact think of it as a first date, albeit a first date in which you are guaranteed to get lucky at the end!

We all know that having a drink relaxes us, but a good bit of advice is don’t get drunk in advance of the actual meeting (for several reasons, you don’t want to be able to perform at the crucial time, plus it is not very polite to be stinking drunk when your escort turns up!

Make sure where you are meeting, be it at home or in a hotel, is tidy before your escort arrives, think of him / her as a guest – you want to make a good impression! Especially make sure that the bath / shower area is clean and ready to use by both yourself and your escort, as you will want to be clean and well presented in advance, make sure there are clean towels etc.

Just like on a date, first impressions count, so make sure you look well presented, clean, well dressed and smelling good, and don’t forget to brush your teeth! Keep in mind your escort may ask for you to have a shower again when they arrive.

When your escort arrives, be polite courteous and friendly, offer them a drink or a tour of your house if the meeting is at your home. They may well be feeling nervous too so take the time for both of you relax.

If you have not booked through an agency (in some cases they ask for payment in advance via card) make sure you give your escort the agreed fee as soon as possible, getting this out of the way means you can both concentrate on getting to know each other and feel more comfortable.

Your escort may need to make a call or send a text to let her agency / driver or friend know she is ok and safe, this is pretty common practice so don’t take it personally! It is so they ensure their own safety.


Once the fee has been paid (if it wasn’t in advance) and you are both relaxed and comfortable and your escort has made their safety call / text – this is when the fun really begins.

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