Escorts: What to Expect and Tips for Your First Time

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hiring an escort

When it is your first time hiring and going to see an escort, I imagine you feel pretty anxious, and unsure or what to expect.


Especially so if you are have a pretty shy nature!


Hiring an escort


Remember, Wildcats Escorts are only human after all, and professional ones will put you at ease within minutes. Remember there is no pressure from either of you, this is meant to be (and indeed will be!) fun.

Of course every escort, and indeed every escort agency are different. Whether you have booked an in house call or meeting at a hotel, just relax. In fact think of it as a first date, albeit a first date in which you are guaranteed to get lucky at the end!

We all know that having a drink relaxes us, but a good bit of advice is don’t get drunk in advance of the actual meeting (for several reasons, you don’t want to be able to perform at the crucial time, plus it is not very polite to be stinking drunk when your escort turns up!

Make sure where you are meeting, be it at home or in a hotel, is tidy before your escort arrives, think of him / her as a guest – you want to make a good impression! Especially make sure that the bath / shower area is clean and ready to use by both yourself and your escort, as you will want to be clean and well presented in advance, make sure there are clean towels etc.

Just like on a date, first impressions count, so make sure you look well presented, clean, well dressed and smelling good, and don’t forget to brush your teeth! Keep in mind your escort may ask for you to have a shower again when they arrive.

When your escort arrives, be polite courteous and friendly, offer them a drink or a tour of your house if the meeting is at your home. They may well be feeling nervous too so take the time for both of you relax.

If you have not booked through an agency (in some cases they ask for payment in advance via card) make sure you give your escort the agreed fee as soon as possible, getting this out of the way means you can both concentrate on getting to know each other and feel more comfortable.

Your escort may need to make a call or send a text to let her agency / driver or friend know she is ok and safe, this is pretty common practice so don’t take it personally! It is so they ensure their own safety.


Once the fee has been paid (if it wasn’t in advance) and you are both relaxed and comfortable and your escort has made their safety call / text – this is when the fun really begins.

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