5 Reasons to Go Premium with Your Escorts

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Why Its Worth Paying a Little More

When it comes to hiring an escort, its worth remembering the saying you get what you pay for.

Have you been thinking about hiring an escort in London? Then you might be tempted to go for a cheaper girl. After all, all escorts are offering the same kind of service, right? Wrong! If you want to have an evening thats safe and enjoyable, you should always hire your companion from an elite agency. Here are five reasons to opt for premium escorts in London.

Beautiful girls

The first reason to hire a premium escort is that youll get a girl who looks as if she has stepped straight off the catwalk. Many of the ladies working at high class agencies such as Dolls and Roses have worked as models, and will wow you with their gorgeous good looks. Whether you love blondes or brunettes, going premium is the easiest way to ensure you get a true stunner for your money.

Intelligent beauties

Weve established that high class escorts are incredibly beautiful, but thats not all that they have going for them. The escorts at a top agency like Dolls and Roses are multilingual, cultured, and highly intelligent. So theyre not just pretty faces! You will be able to have a proper conversation with them, and you will be able to take them anywhere with complete confidence. They really do make the perfect plus-ones.

Safe & secure

Its so much safer to hire your escort from a premium agency. There are lots of escorts charging low prices for encounters in the capital, but those girls often take part in risky behaviour with their clients. Its much better to hire your escort from a premium agency like Dolls and Roses, where girls have to stick to a strict set of rules and are always happy and healthy. A high-class agency will also process your payment securely and will take good care of your personal information.

Skilled seductresses

Youll be truly amazed by the skills of seduction that a high-class escort possesses. These highly talented courtesans have spent a long time honing their techniques and have shared intimate evenings with men from all walks of life. As a result, there is not much that they dont know about pleasing a lover. Its impossible to shock or embarrass these girls which will save your blushes too!

Always professional

Last but not least is the professionalism you can expect by paying for a premium escort. The girls at Dolls and Roses love to have fun with their clients, but they really do take their jobs seriously. They will never do anything to embarrass you, will always be dressed appropriately, and will always arrive for and leave an appointment discreetly. Good behaviour like that just isnt guaranteed at cheaper agencies.

Next time, upgrade your escort

Whether you are looking for a woman to accompany you to dinner in London or want to relax with some gorgeous company at your luxurious city hotel, its always worth paying a little more for your time with an escort. By splashing out youll be able to enjoy an evening of cheeky fun, free of any worries. So why dont you treat yourself this weekend? Go on you deserve it!

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